Is It Worth It? My Honest Review of the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Review

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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

It’s that time of year. Your inbox gets flooded with the greatest thing since the invention of the internet (according to a gajillion bloggers). The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

What is it? Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Is it worth it?

Let me set you straight on what the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is, what it isn’t, what I like about it and what I don’t. You can decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

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What Is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Ultimate Bundles is a family-owned business that works with online influencers to package “bundles” of digital resources on different topics. The bundles are offered at a reduced price for a limited time.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is one of the most popular bundles. It includes a wide variety of products that fit under the loose umbrella of “homemaking.” Categories you’ll find in the 2019 version include parenting, organization, self-care, decor, creativity, marriage and faith.

When you purchase the bundle, you get immediate access to 104 digital products, including 30 eCourses & videos, 28 eBooks, 25 printable packs, 16 workbooks, three summits and two membership sites. 

There are also several bonus offers you get for physical products and subscriptions (more on this below).

If that sounds overwhelming, it can be. This is the fourth year I’ve gotten the bundle and when I look back, I can honestly say I probably haven’t made the most use out of it. However, I can also say that I’ve easily gotten my money’s worth because of the low price point.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Who Is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle For?

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is primarily for women with kids in the home. While you might still get some value out of it if you’re an empty-nester or pre-kids, you’ll probably enjoy it more if your kids are at home.

If you’re not a full-time “homemaker” (i.e. if you have a career outside the home), there are still plenty of resources you may find helpful.

While it’s not an exclusively Christian collection, this bundle does contain multiple products from Christian creators. So don’t be surprised when you dig into a marriage or parenting resource if it offers a biblical perspective.

You’ll get value out of this bundle if you’re interested in developing your home management skills and cultivating the relationships in your family. Note that it does take a significant amount of time to work through it in earnest. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

You won’t get a lot out of this bundle if you’re the type of person who likes to have learning tools but doesn’t actually use them. If you have a laundry list of products you’ve invested in but haven’t used, then don’t add this to your plate. This bundle is ideal for people who are eager and ready to learn.

Pros & Cons

Let’s dig a little deeper and figure out if this resource is worth it for YOU.

2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Pros

  • It’s cheap. And not in the poor-quality sense; it’s really inexpensive considering what you get. There are many offers in the bundle prices worth more than the $29.97 price point (including my own eCourse, Peaceful, Patient Mama).
  • It’s curated. I hate wasting my time searching for quality material online, so it’s nice to have somewhere I can go with products that have been vetted.
  • It exposes you to new influencers and creators. I always find people I am excited to follow whenever I dig into a bundle, and this year is no exception.
  • It exposes you to new ideas. Often there is some skill that is taught in a bundle that I didn’t even know I was interested in or needed to work on. So far this year I’ve found some gems about baking, decluttering and even skincare!
  • There’s a happiness guarantee. If you feel uncomfortable with the pressure to buy within a short time period, you can always return it within 30 days if you change your mind.
  • There are multiple, highly valuable eCourses this year worth more than the cost of the bundle. Compared to previous years, these types of products really stood out to me (I’ll share my favorites below). I like eCourses because I can listen to the audio/video while multi-tasking.
  • It’s a great opportunity to get deals on gifts. With the bonus offers you can get goodies like journals, soaps, prints, children’s books and more. These are perfect for Mother’s Day, kids’ birthdays, or for teachers at the end of the school year.

2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Cons

  • It costs money. I mean, duh. You can get a lot of free stuff online these days.
  • Product quality varies. I haven’t found anything that is complete garbage, but I can tell which creators have invested in high-quality equipment and services and which haven’t. (I totally get it! I don’t have a huge budget for that stuff.) Sometimes it can be a bit distracting when you come across grammatical errors, poor video or sound quality, or technical issues. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but just something to be aware of.
  • The parenting resources are primarily for moms of little kids. The products available are great if you have preschoolers; I just wasn’t interested in most of them at this stage in my life.
  • I wasn’t wowed by the faith section. In the past it has had some resources I loved, and while there are still some goodies in there this year (like my eCourse!), you might be disappointed if devotionals, etc. are all you’re looking for. HOWEVER, there is an additional mini-bundle you can get for $7 more (more on this below).
  • The total value is questionable. I know from experience that pricing digital products can be…tricky. When you look at the total value of the bundle, that’s the sum of the listed prices of the individual products. But after going through many of the products, I think some of the resources were overpriced. On the other hand, some were underpriced! So maybe it evens out…but keep that in mind if numbers are important to you.
  • There is some overlap in content. I mean, how many organization, meal planning and homeschooling strategies do you really need? However, this can also be seen as a pro. If you don’t like one approach to a topic, you can try another.
The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

My Favorite Resources in the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I’ve had the opportunity over the past several weeks to review the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. While I haven’t tried every product, I have tried a lot! Here are the resources I found the most valuable:

Peaceful, Patient Mama: Biblical Anger Management eCourse by Gina M Poirier ($47.00)

Yes, this is a shameless plug. But I’m excited to offer you my latest eCourse, which addresses the #1 issue that moms tell me they struggle with: patience.

I’ve put together a unique combination of biblical teaching, scientific research and self-reflection tools to help you be the peaceful mom God created you to be. The value of this course alone is worth more than the whole bundle.

The 5 Day Clutter Shakedown eCourse by Dana K White ($40.00)

I’m not a newbie to decluttering, but I’ve struggled (yes, even after trying the KonMari method.) This course was refreshing, funny and practical—and using Dana’s strategies, I decluttered my very scary garage in just a few days.

If you liked the decluttering challenge last week, you’ll love the extended version. Once again, this course alone is worth more than the price of the bundle.

Ultimate Baking Bootcamp eCourse by Heather Perine ($19.00)

This was a surprise to me! I’m an experienced baker, so I was shocked to learn how many things I’m doing wrong! (Are you sure you know how to measure flour the right way?)

What made this course stand out to me was Heather’s scientific expertise. She explained not only what techniques to use, but why they were important. In my opinion, this course is undervalued at $19. I’d pay somewhere closer to the $50–$100 range.

Bust Out of the Makeup Rut eCourse by Alison Lumbatis ($29.00)

I follow Alison as a style blogger, so I was surprised to see this offer, and perhaps a little skeptical. But I like her, so I gave it a whirl. After all, I don’t know anyone else who does makeup tutorials for people who aren’t, I dunno, half my age.

Loved it. I didn’t even know I was in a makeup and skincare rut, but now I’m convinced that it’s time for eye cream, and that I have been putting powder on incorrectly for my whole life. Ahem. Needless to say, I will be watching her videos again. (Bonus: she’s very charming.)

Fill Your Cup: A Grace-filled eCourse to help you pour in so you can flow out by Victoria Osborn ($37)

Biblical self-care is my jam, and Victoria must be cut from the same cloth. She shares her self-care journey from the heart and offers the biblical reasons why it’s important, plus how to practice it.

IMPORTANT: this course is only available in the Invest in Your Faith Mini Bundle, which you can purchase for an additional $7 at checkout. The mini bundle comes with several other resources. I think this course alone makes the additional cost worth it.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

What’s the Deal with the Bonuses?

In addition to the digital products you receive in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you have the opportunity to order bonuses. These come in the form of physical products or trial memberships.

Note that if you order a bonus product, there may be restrictions. While some coupons work for the whole store, others are only for a limited selection of products, and up to a certain price.

You will also have to pay shipping costs (usually ranging $6-$7 in my experience). In other words, you might order a bunch of “free” soap, but you gotta pay the postman.

The shipping costs can add up if you take advantage of multiple offers. The bonuses expire June 6, 2019, so you don’t have a lot of time if you’re trying to space out your orders for budget purposes.

Some of the bonuses I’ve tried in the past and recommend are Orglamix eye shadow, a credit at Cultivate What Matters, free children’s books from BookRoo and Around the World Stories audiobooks.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

I’ve ordered several of this year’s bonuses and will be unboxing them on Facebook and Instagram this week if you’re into that kind of thing. 🙂

What’s the Catch?

There’s always a catch, right? Why is there so much that costs so little? What are the contributors to this bundle gaining by offering their products on the cheap?

Personally, I am contributing my eCourse to this bundle because of the exposure it offers me. While I’m not getting the income I would if everyone actually paid for the course in full, I’m nonetheless getting my work in front of over 10,000 people (if last year’s sales are any indication).

That’s worth it to me!

What’s more, it’s an opportunity to present my followers with a killer deal—and essentially offer my eCourse at a discount with a bunch of bonuses. It’s my mission to offer you resources that help you find peace and purpose in your everyday life. This bundle fits the bill.

The catch is that it’s only available for six days. Otherwise we’d all go broke ;).

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Is the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Worth It?

The answer to this question is, of course, up for you to decide. Hopefully I’ve painted you a pretty clear picture about what you’ll get if you decide to get the bundle.

Over the past several years, I’ve always found the bundle to be well worth the price, even if I only use a couple of products. This year is no different.

Click below to grab your bundle before this offer expires on 5/6/19.

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