Teach Me To Pray 4-Week Printable Prayer Journal

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Do you want to pray consistently, powerfully and confidently, but you have a hard time focusing?

Are you going through trials and just don't know how to put your prayers into words?

Do you long to connect emotionally with your Heavenly Father, but you're just not sure if he's listening?


Gina M Poirier

My name's Gina, and for as long as I can remember I've struggled with my prayer life on and off. When I became a mom, it got even harder because my "quiet times" weren't exactly so quiet. Every time I sat down to pray I would draw a blank, my mind would drift or I would get interrupted! I longed to connect with God but I felt guilty because I just couldn't focus my heart and mind.

I decided that if I was going to be a mom who relied on God for strength, I needed to make a better effort. So I went to the Bible and wrote down everything I could find about how I should pray. It turns out we have a lot of guidance when we don't know what to say!

I wrote this journal to help me keep on track whenever my prayer life starts to drift. I've seen it at work: when I stick to the simple prompts each day for a month, my prayers are more biblical, more focused and I can see the results in the way I'm living my life. Not to mention, I set a better example for my family. These teachings have been a game-changer in my own relationship with God and I want them to be a blessing for you too.

Teach Me To Pray Journal


  • Waking up inspired and excited each day to talk with God. 
  • Knowing what to say and how to say it in a powerful way during your prayer time.
  • Feeling comfortable and confident crying out in prayer and not guilty or ashamed. 
  • Seeing your kids learn to pray because you consistently set a good example.
  • Feeling at peace and surrendered through hardship because you're connected with Christ. 
Teach Me To Pray Printable Prayer Journal

What you’ll get out of the 4-week journal:

The Teach Me To Pray four-week printable prayer journal is designed to meet you right where you’re at. Whether you’ve been praying all your life or you’re trying it for the first time, the lessons here can benefit you. Each day there is a Bible verse and some prompts to help you focus your prayers. Space allows for journaling, if desired, although praying aloud is highly recommended as well. 

Teach Me To Pray

Week 1: Jesus' Teachings on Prayer Get back to the basics about how to build a deep relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Week 2: Praying the Psalms Dig deep by imitating the great prayers from the book of Psalms.

Week 3: Gratitude Experience the power of thanksgiving and watch it transform your heart.

Week 4: Prayer without Limit Stretch yourself as you dig even deeper.

Check out how it works:

"Since using this journal I have been more persistent with my prayer requests, realizing that God wants me to seek, knock and ask for what my heart desires. I've considered how fasting can be a regular part of my life. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I will continue to mature in my prayer life. Thank you!" 

Linda S.

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