Christian Self-Care Toolkit

Hey mama, do you ever feel like everyone else's needs come before your own?

This toolkit will help you prioritize self-care, so you can finally breathe again!

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These FREE printables will help you: 

  • Identify the self-care practices you need most and actually create a plan to follow them! 
  • Release your anxiety and stress—so you can focus on what matters and let go of the rest.
  • Prioritize things like Bible study and prayer in addition to physical and mental health strategies.

With the right strategies, you CAN be full of patience and peace. Because you are one awesome mama! 

Gina M Poirier

Hi friend, I'm Gina Poirier!

I'm a happily married mom of four monkey-like kids. I'm also a stress management coach and blogger who is passionate about motivating and inspiring women who are stressed out, overwhelmed and battling with guilt.

I created this toolkit to help women who are struggling with overwhelm to get more intentional about slowing down. I'd love to help you create more space to care for your body, mind and soul!

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