Want to be a more calm, patient parent?

These FREE worksheets can help you!

Yes, please!

The Patient Mama Blueprint introduces powerful anger management tools, including:

  • Brainstorming "cool down" ideas
  • Writing prompts to help you identify anger patterns and triggers
  • Guidance in prayer to help you dig into the heart of the issue
  • Space for an action plan to create the change you want to see
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With the right strategies, you CAN be full of patience and peace. Because you are one awesome mama! 

Gina M Poirier

Hi! I’m Gina, a wife and mom of five, with kids ages toddler to teenager. I’m created in the image of God, made whole in Jesus. I help others overcome the overwhelm all of us face when navigating this messy, beautiful journey we call life.

I created these worksheets to help moms who are struggling with anger to dig deep and learn how to transform from the inside out.

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