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What to Do When You Feel Like "Just Roommates" in Marriage – Peace, Patience, Purpose – with Gina M Poirier

What to Do When You Feel Like “Just Roommates” in Marriage

roommates or lovers?

“We’re like two ships passing in the night…”

It’s a phrase I hear surprisingly often when couples are talking about their interactions with one another.

In other words, you coexist around each other. When it comes down to it, there’s not much space or even desire for intimacy. You’re not “in the mood.”

Does it describe your marriage?

Tracey Hocking


It’s easy to coexist when you life is full, whether with babies and sleep deprivation or older kids and their accompanying activity schedules. You and your spouse might even make a pretty good team. But what about not too far down the road (it’s really not), when your kids are grown, and it’s just you and your man, night after night? The divorce rate for empty nesters has been rising steadily.

Some marriages don’t even make it to the empty nest stage. When partners aren’t getting their intimacy needs met within the marriage, it becomes all the more natural to slip into infidelity. Yes, even in Christian marriages—I’ll bet you can name a few yourself.

This is why it’s a strong conviction of mine and my husband’s to fight for our marriage — even when we’re busy and exhausted.

If you’re getting a little nervous about where your marriage is or where it’s headed, don’t worry. It’s never too late to change course and work towards intimacy.

If you’re not okay with being “just roommates,” there are two things you must work on constantly in your marriage relationship.

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