50+ Easy, Frugal & Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family

For many people, “winter fun” is a misnomer. But fun winter activities can and should be on the docket for you this year no matter where you live!

Having lived in several different climates, I believe that it’s all about perspective.

If you dread winter and think you’re going to have a lousy time of it, then that’s probably what it’s going to be: lousy. But if you think of all of the things you can enjoy about the season, you can get excited about the ways you can spend time with your family—especially in those slow months after Christmas, or during winter break.

I like winter, but I can get kind of lazy about actually enjoying it. It’s just easier to sit around and let the kids have more screen time. And while part of the magic of winter actually is having an excuse to laze around, it can lead to being whiny and unappreciative of the season (whether snow or no snow!).

That’s why it’s useful to have a list of fun winter activities to inspire you on those lazy days when you’re feeling a little stir crazy. What I like about these ideas is that they’re easy and cheap—meaning very little planning is required. Some are indoor (so they work no matter what climate you’re in), while others are obviously outdoor.

Just remember: this is not a “must-do” list. It’s an inspirational list to help you be a tad more intentional with those precious moments with your family. They are split into categories. Choose a few and put them on your calendar or bucket list if desired, or just do them spontaneously. Whatever works for you 🙂

(Want to learn more about enjoying your family and not overdoing it? Check out 12 Signs of Mom Burnout, and What You Can Actually Do About It.)

Easy, Frugal & Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family

A list of easy, frugal ad fun winter activities the whole family can enjoy!

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Winter Treats

Make Simple Winter Treats

My kids love helping me bake and cook, so the winter months are an ideal time to do it together. There are lots of recipes that are simple enough for even a toddler to help with. Note that some of these are just for adults (perfect for a date night!).

Snow Fun

Have fun in the snow.

The options obviously will vary depending on where you live and what the weather forecast is, but here’s a fun little winter bucket list.

  • Go sledding.
  • Go tubing: Check out a local golf course to see if they offer rentals.
  • Build a snowman/woman/creature: Try decorating with candy!
  • Build a snow fort or castle: Use plastic sleds and your sand toys as building tools. Here are some more things to build and create in the snow.
  • Dig a snow cave: Use common sense and make sure kids are supervised so they won’t get buried.
  • Go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing: See if you can borrow the equipment if you’ve never done it before. Make sure you know how to navigate and stick to well-traveled trails!
  • Do some squirt-gun snow painting.
  • Play an outdoor group game: try capture the flag or freeze tag; the snow is an added fun variable!
  • Do a scavenger hunt: Hide something in the snow and give the kids little clues to find it.
  • Follow the leader: One person makes footprints, while others have to follow.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Have a snowball fight.
  • Throw snowballs at targets: Make them out of cardboard or just pick some natural targets—like a big circle you can draw in the snow.
  • Play tic-tac-toe.
  • Blow bubbles: and watch them freeze! Just store the solution indoors.

Fun Places to Visit in Winter

Frugal winter destinations

If you’d rather be indoors (mostly) but need to get out of the house, try some of these frugal destinations.

  • Local library: Are you aware of what programs your library has to offer? It may have a playroom, crafts and classes for all ages!
  • Children’s museum: We receive a pass to our local museum, which gives us a discount in other cities as well.
  • Ice skating rink: Indoor or outdoor, depending on your location.
  • Roller skating rink.
  • Bowling alley.
  • “Open gym”: Sometimes local gymnastics facilities have a free time during which kids can run wild. Within reason.
  • Zoo or aquarium: Our local zoo is open year round! In the winter it’s decorated with lights.
  • Nature center: Do you have one nearby? See if they offer any classes, or if they’re open for visits.
  • Free family or kids events at local businesses: toy shops, craft stores, dance studios and even hardware stores sometimes host free or low-price classes. Check your local listings.

Simple Winter Activities at Home

Indoor winter activities

This is where you spend most of your time together, so make the most of it!

  • Have a weekly family night. We like ours with popcorn and movie!
  • Play board games.
  • Have a scavenger hunt.
  • Play with building toys: These never get old.
  • Build forts. Couch cushions are great, or kick it up a notch with these.
  • Get creative with painter’s tape: go crazy on the floor! Build mazes, city streets for your toy cars, hopscotch, whatever!
  • Do jigsaw puzzles.
  • Easy winter crafts: Stuff you can do with little to zero planning. Try 6-sided snowflakes, snowflake painting, cottonball snowman, and winter tree finger painting
  • Play balloon tennis.
  • Give toddlers a bunch of straws. No joke. For added fun, have them stick them in a water bottle or open a discovery box.
  • Have a dance party. Or a lip-syncing contest. Or whatever your jam is.
  • Create an at-home puppet show or “stage” performance. Have your kids bring their favorite stories to life.
  • Snuggle by the fireplace: You might appreciate this more once the kids go to sleep ;).
  • Roast s’mores: You can do this indoors on a gas range, the fireplace or a microwave; for a little adventure try doing it outdoors in a portable fire pit.

Educational Winter Activities

Learn about snowflakes and other winter learning opportunities

These are not just educational but fun winter activities of course!!

  • Participate in a service project: Here are some great ideas for all ages.
  • Go on a nature walk: No matter what the climate, there’s so much to learn! Make observations with your kids about the natural world at this time of year.
  • Visit a maple grove: This is something that you can plan for at the beginning of spring, and obviously it depends on where you live. But if you can do an educational visit on location where maple syrup is produced, it is truly fascinating.
  • Read books aloud: Kids love to be read to at any age! For a suggested reading list I recommend Read Aloud Revival.
  • Listen to audiobooks. This keeps my kids out of my hair with less guilt than TV!
  • Study snowflakes: we love this book.
  • Do simple science: jog your brain with 200 winter science activities for kids.
  • Make bird feeders: I think these cookie cutters are a cute idea. Don’t tell the kids that the squirrels usually get them first.

I could go on and on! Aren’t you excited for winter?

What are some of your favorite family traditions? Leave a comment below…and if you’re a mom looking for inspiration and purpose in your motherhood journey, be sure to check out my library of resources for lots of freebies and faith encouragement.

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