10 Easy Bible Verses for Kids to Improve Behavior

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I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, but we had a case of the whiiiiines in my house.

My daughter was four. Her two older brothers certainly had issues at this age, but they mostly involved destruction and throwing epic temper tantrums.

The whining though? The scope of itwas new to me and just blew my mind.

One night I was exhausted from constant speech correction and was lamenting about it to my husband. (If you’ve never been in a logic match with a preschooler, I hope you appreciate your life). As I worked through my frustration, I realized that I was lacking an essential piece of the parenting puzzle.

Being Scripture-based.

Don’t get me wrong; my kids knew their Bible stories well. It’s just the practical application part that we were slacking on. This was further evidenced when my daughter said something along the lines of, “God says it’s my turn.”

So we either had a prophetess or I needed to be a little more grounded, right?

Discipline just goes so much better when we rely on God’s Word rather than our own logic and incomplete wisdom.

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10 Easy Bible Verses for Kids To Improve Behavior

When I'm frustrated with how to deal with my kids' behavior issues, that's a sign I need to turn to the Bible for help! These Bible verses for kids have helped my kiddos as well as my parenting, so I created a free printable of them.

Allen Taylor

I decided to round up several Bible verses for kids that are behavior-focused so that I could be more on my parenting game. And then I thought, hey, why not share the love? Because certainly I’m not the only who has ever needed a little backup, right?

These verses can apply to any age, but they are easier to understand for kids ten and under. They are also fun to memorize and if desired you can add simple crafts or object lessons…

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Here’s to scripture-based parenting!

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