Woman of Strength: a Fresh Look at Proverbs 31

Woman of Strength: A Fresh Look at Proverbs 31—a 7-day devotionalStrong women. They’re inspiring.

Consider Rosie the Riveter from the World War II era. She’s classy, she’s vintage, she’s tough. There’s something exciting about a woman stepping up to the task, treading outside her comfort zone or traditional gender role, and ultimately contributing to something bigger than herself.

We’re still drawn to that kind of message in the 21st century. Think of all the strong female leads in your favorite shows and movies, the images of muscular women all over Pinterest feeds, the polarizing ladies who dare run for public office. The Internet is also ablaze with debate about what it means to be a strong mother.

We are surrounded with feminine inspiration. Yet why do so many of us constantly feel inadequate and weak?

I know I do. I wrestle daily with subtle messages, from within and without, that say I’m a failure as a wife, as a mom, as a person in general. Will I ever measure up?

You wrestle with that too? Maybe we need a fresh perspective on this whole “strength” issue.

I’ve spent countless hours digging through the Bible, trying to figure out what God says about women and our identity. I don’t think I have all the answers yet, but I think I have some of that fresh perspective I’ve been looking for. I’ve pulled some thoughts together, focusing primarily on Proverbs 31. The result is a 7-day devotional, which I hope will be a springboard that launches you into your own personal study.


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