25 Summer Learning Activities

25 Summer Learning Activities: Fun ways to keep your kids engaged in academics even when their not technically doing "school."

25 Summer Learning Activities: Fun ways to keep your kids engaged in academics even when their not technically doing "school."When we look back on this summer, I’m pretty sure my kids are going to remember epic Yahtzee battles. While board games are not officially “schoolwork,” I’m pretty sure they count for something. YES they do! They are on the docket for summer learning activities.

I don’t know about you, but we have this summer problem. I know many homeschoolers choose year-round schooling, but when the neighbors are outside playing it’s reeeeeaaaalllly hard for us to stay focused—so we stick closely to the public school calendar. Last fall, after our first official academic year, I was dismayed to discover that my son had forgotten pretty much everything after summer break. That’s not a huge deal for a kid who just completed kindergarten, but frustrating nonetheless. And I hear similar stories from homeschool moms: they have to spend the first month of the fall reviewing what was lost.

Do you battle with this?

I was talking recently with my friend about it who does year-round schooling. She suggested I try doing a sort of hybrid over the summer (which is what a lot of “year-rounders” do anyway). In other words, don’t to a full academic day throughout the summer, but do a shorter one.

Ummm, why didn’t I think of that?

So this summer we’re trying out a “hybrid” homeschool—and we’re loving it so far. I have a three-year-old, a five-year-old and a seven-year-old; they all participate at some level. The advice I got from my friend was to avoid schoolwork in the morning; that way we can play, enjoy the weather while it’s cooler and head out for activities before lunch. “School time” is just one hour after lunch, and it’s FUN. It’s a time in our day that is naturally a little slower anyway; afterwards my youngest naps while the older two play video games (it keeps them quiet ;)).

Some days, we’re having so much fun that it extends past my one-hour allotted time slot.

The best part is that it requires almost no planning on my end! I have a general agenda in my head—in a given week I want to make sure we cover most of our basic subjects, but nothing is in stone.

Intrigued? You can start any time! Obviously you may need to adjust your approach for age, but I think that with this general framework, anyone—even non-homeschoolers—can have a great summer of learning with their kids.

Most of these activities can be done within your home. The ones that are a little more adventures obviously require at least a little planning 🙂

25 Summer Learning Activities

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