Overcoming overwhelm. Finding rest in Jesus.

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Peace, Patience, Purpose

Life is hard, but you’ve got choices. You can let your feelings of overwhelm be in charge, or you can learn how to overcome it. 

All of the resources here are created to help you…


Live in peace.

Explore the mindsets and practices that help you rest in Jesus.


Practice patience.

Navigate your season with practical tools to help you in the day to day.


Embrace your purpose.

Remember that you’re a part of God’s larger story.

My name is Gina
and I think you’re awesome.

I’m a wife and mom of five, with kids ages toddler to teenager. I’m created in the image of God, made whole in Jesus. In this online space, I help others overcome the overwhelm all of us face when navigating this messy, beautiful journey we call life. Want to join us?


Advice and resources are created from a Christian perspective.

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